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4 /5 Rating average

I arrived very tired and hungry at Cardiff Station (10:20pm) to be told they had stopped serving food 40 mins earlier. If passed a Burger King but that...

3 /5 Rating average

This to me is a last resort pub. You know the situation you are wandering round town with a bunch of mates late at night trying to get into other pubs...

3 /5 Rating average

Are you really all that surprised that there's another Wetherspoons in Cardiff city centre? What? Five wasn't enough for you? This pub is much like many...

3 /5 Rating average

Typical 'Spoons ' affair, you get what you pay for, had a breakfast muffin, egg was cold and 'rubbery ', plate was freezing affecting everything else on the plate. Staff were pleasant and efficient though!

5 /5 Rating average

Great atmosphere, friendly door and bar staff. Busy Saturday evening but speedy service, fantastic range of drinks at an amazing price. They still accept cash bonus. If your visiting Cardiff, make sure you put this place on your list.

1 /5 Rating average

This isn’t a review about your food or atmosphere. This is a review about your uneducated staff member. On Tuesday 6th June after seeing Coldplay at the principality stadium I was safely escorted out due to being pregnant. After leaving the premises I walked over to the Great Western Pub and the queue to get in was quite long, now like I said I’m pregnant and I only wanted to go in to use the toilet which at this point I was really desperate to use. So I went over to the security lady and asked politely if I could just go in to use the toilet and I’ll be straight back out, I wasn’t there for a good time, drink or food, I just needed the toilet. This lady refused me going in and said I needed to join the queue. I mentioned again I couldn’t wait that long I was really desperate. She then said ‘what makes you any different to anyone else stood in line’ (being pregnant I thought??! anyway, I walked away to join the queue and said ‘that’s shocking’ which alot of people in the queue even said the same thing. Anyway a lovely gentleman at the front said I could go in-front of him in the queue and everyone else around was happy for me to do this! I come face to face with the same security lady and she said ‘you’re not coming in here, you showed signs of aggression and I won’t stand for it’ now I was not on your premises when I stated how shocking I thought she was and so that was completely unreasonable, not only that, it’s actually illegal to refuse a pregnant woman to use the toilet. If this is the sort of door staff you pay to manage your doors then I dread to think what kind of cold hearted staff you have inside the pub. As women we should have a very clear understanding of each other, especially when it comes to pregnancy. I’m actually really really shocked this has happened to me. I had to walk the streets trying to find a toilet, I had to try and look for a pub with a small queue to get into so I could use the toilet. I physically cannot believe it. I’ll never let this go. And will always advise people of this when going to your pub. Shocking!

2 /5 Rating average

Called in last weekend for pint. Got 2 pints direct from bar then ordered another drink and food from the table service. Staff delivering food virtually threw plate on table and not a word spoken. Had pint delivered to table and noticed bottle top at bottom of glass ! Question: how was this not noticed when poured and again not noticed when delivered to table ?? Eventually managed to attract attention of staff who took it away and got another. Yes apologies but don't expect service like this anywhere. Next time I get off at station will walk past and find another pub. Lucky to get the stars that they did and that only because the beer I did have was good as was the food.

4 /5 Rating average

What's to say? Typical Wetherspoons cheap drinks pub grub and lots of room with additional seating outside. (Food not great but is acceptable given the price you pay we'd eaten in a few restaurants over the past couple of days that were not too far removed from quality but at least 4 times more expensive!