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Make a reservation for your table at Heaven ‘n’ Health, situated at 16 Heath St, Warrington, United Kingdom, using our reliable system. Enjoy trouble-free booking process. Call +441942355946 to book a table right away.

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5 /5 Rating average

great food, great staff

5 /5 Rating average

large food

5 /5 Rating average

edited: After we talked to the restaurant on the following day, we discovered that the address was misread and someone else received my food. the personal could not apologise enough for the mistake, they have refunded my money and offered me my meal in the house. I asked to deliver my meal on Friday after work for 7 o'clock. my meal arrived right away and the shipper could not apologize enough. the food was delicious and that was worth waiting. excellent customer service, I will be definitiw again for more. thank you. really disappointed that my food never showed up. this place was recommended to me by a friend and eating looked amazing. my order was estimated to come to 19.30 at 19.40 it had not arrived so I called the restaurant. the woman I spoke with was beautiful and apologized for the delay and said my eating would be here within 20 minutes. around 20.15 I received a communication of vans in which my food was delivered, but I had not received it. there was no knock at my door (as indicated in my delivery instructions, as the doorbell is broken.) I tried to call the restaurant several times and the phone rings straight out. from 21.00 clock I had contacted delivery service for a refund. Hopefully this is a deliberate and not intentionally as a phone call to let me know that it would not deliver. I'm sorry for the bad review, but I waited an evening after work for my tee. I will try again in the future and hopefully have a better experience.

2 /5 Rating average

does the meal have the Halal options? if not, what are the halal meals? have they been having a certificate?

4 /5 Rating average

It’s very healthy food

5 /5 Rating average

Gorgeous food, never disappoints

5 /5 Rating average

Great food

4 /5 Rating average

Really nice chicken salad box