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5 /5 Rating average

I have to say it was cooked to perfection. beautiful and hot too. personal friendly too. recommend in any case

2 /5 Rating average

we visited ewings at 3 different locations. the first time about 12 months ago we had breakfast, which was pretty, so we went back. unfortunately the next two locations were disappointing. our last visit we ordered, a straight panini, it took 40 minutes. to come to the table, the brot was hard and it was hot best. in any case not waiting or worth the money, based on the last two visit sad it is time to find somewhere different to lunch.

5 /5 Rating average

When I first immersed in this place after many years, the chili con carne, who was homemade, I must say it was the best chili I ever tasted, also very good friendly staff, and really fast and...piping hot, will surely return

4 /5 Rating average

I myself and my man visited this little caffe on a laune while I visited torquay as part of our slumber weekend road. we sat right at the input and gave a fluffy piece of paper, allegedly the menu. the device was very dark, absorbed almost all. natural light that was through the windows, but the waitress was very friendly and accommodating. I had a simple jacket kartoffel with tuna and my man had a bbq chicken panini. both enjoyed eating and friendly service, something that reminded us of home, which was an additional bonus. reasonably priced, and better quality than wetherspoons that was just above the road. on a side note, if you want to use the loo’s, you should be ready to climb 2 steps. no problem for both of us, but possibly not suitable for someone with limited mobility. a beautiful lunch

3 /5 Rating average

The food quality is amazing but the wait times are.. Sufferable. Also, I saw a frozen big tin of beans being moved while I waited 10 minuets to pay. Dissapointing since I had beans on toast. Meh, still a good restrant but not above average.

5 /5 Rating average

I go here a lot the food is delicious and they are all very friendly in there can’t say Iv ever experienced a bad breakfast highly recommended

1 /5 Rating average

I decided to have breakfast in this restaurant this morning whilst staying locally, but what a mistake wish now I'd of gone to McDonald's who couldn't of done any worse for a fraction of the price I paid for utter garbage! I was initially...welcomed by the server after waiting to be seated by the sign, I ordered the Eggs Benedict a large americano coffee, I asked for cream but was told they only do milk which was disappointing to hear, then 5mins after making my order a sales rep, (I think he was) who was sitting near me got up firing questions at the man cooking for almost 10mins about supplies brands stressing me about the quality of my poached eggs, when my food did arrive, it looked ok but when I cut into an egg yolk it was hard, I got the waitress'es attention who asked if I wanted fresh eggs, that's when the attitude started. She came back seconds later obviously after informing the cook asked me exactly how did I want them cooked as they're already quite running, SERIOUSLY the one I cut into was solid, I asked for runny but when the food finally came back to me, i didn't realize I would be having the same muffin that had now gone stone cold soggy, the bacon was now I tiny bit of what I previously had but NOT the crispy bit, just a small fatty grissly bit was returned to me, the eggs literally separating by being now undercooked barely warm with splatters of cold sauce around it, (NOT a hollindaise taste), absolutely disgusting a complete waste of almost £10, if you can't take constructive criticism cook food correctly, then DON'T be in business, AND don't be a cheapskate to use the original bits of a returned meal thinking the customer wouldn't notice, disgraceful quality standards attitude!

5 /5 Rating average

Been here a couple of times absolutely fantastic food and excellent service, the staff here could not do enough, clean and cosy, will be eating here again when we are next in Torquay.