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Experience the convenience of our reservation platform for Fortune at 135 Lisburn Lane, Stockport, United Kingdom. Reserve your table effortlessly and enjoy convenient dining reservations. To ensure a place, a call to +441614835085 is all it takes.

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5 /5 Rating average

large food service love the place

5 /5 Rating average

this place is amazing. I'm from the states where this kitchen tastes a little different and we really tried to find a nice place where eating is fresh and flavorful. yes, the tasteful being in the caps is necessary because there are some gland sites that are out there. this place is a little jewel. could not recommend. yay that you're back in Chinese!

3 /5 Rating average

Maybe generous. straps are just bones with dough. trys a bit like mass produced microshaft meal, but most take food in these days.

3 /5 Rating average

will be here regularly, but some wrong orders without correction. the chips are freshly peeled, cut and fried in the house, which is nice to see. eating was generally nice and quick prepared.

2 /5 Rating average

Had a takeaway from here for the first time in a couple of years, never again. We had a variety of food, starters and main courses: Chicken was like eating solid lard with sesame seeds on top, threw it away. Seaweed....not crispy but soggy.threw it away Prawn crackers....good, ate them Chicken and pineapple...chicken was slimy and undercooked, threw away Noodles...ok, ate them Chow mein..tasteless, ate half. Beef green peppers and black bean sauce, acceptable. What has happened to this place, has it changed hands or is it an experimental night on a Thursday.

2 /5 Rating average

The beef tastes like chewy veal, the egg fried rice was dry with no sign of egg and bland at that, the sweet n sour chicken and noodles was enjoyable thankfully!!

1 /5 Rating average

Cost a Fortune the sign should say! Pudding chips gravy for a quick tea they wanted nearly £6!! Came in a small tray the gravy was like water!!

1 /5 Rating average

My son went to get egg friend rice since he doesn't eat meat and found that it had chicken in it. That is terrible especially for people who are vegetarians and find meat in their meal. We haven't had anything from here for a while now but if they don't thoroughly clean the cooking equipment out then there is a problem