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Asda Folkestone Supercentre, Bouverie Place, Shepway, United Kingdom
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2 /5 Rating average

my partner ordered a jacket potato and I ordered chips when I went to get some salt and peppersachets, there was no need to go so cold that there was no until the next day since they ran out! did not tell us that when I had to go into the load to buy some salt, how could not eat without it when I was brought out again the dine so long ago! sure could they in the load themselves buy a few salt for their customers? not happy!

1 /5 Rating average

in Asda-Café for a quick bite and tee dropped, bad mistakes, the cafe area needed a good cleaning, there were no serviettes available, even if the waitress asked. there were no sauces available to have with snacks. when you look at the main store, that's really poor. asda would do well to update or close the caffe.

3 /5 Rating average

eating is not the best, but it is affordable and the staff was very helpful. the room is incredibly loud: the high deck is the lower side of the parking space and consists of concrete and metal beams that generate a constant echo of. even the smallest noises. with the badly maintained screeching trolley, rat refrigerators and sound system, they soon get a headache. the heat exchangers simply do not work properly and the temperature of the room was unbearable.

3 /5 Rating average

the caffe is hidden around the corner to the main market, which is huge. after a long business it is good to put feet in the caffe. the caffe has a series of foods that is very favorable. they can have a snack or a warm meal. the personal is helpful and the caffe is clean.

2 /5 Rating average

While it is true that the wait to be served is comically long even when there are no other customers, the food is just about edible if you go early enough and only dare to eat the freshly fried food. It did however satisfy my...need for a place to sit and eat for under £3, but I do suggest buying something packed from the store and go in the cafe to eat it. The food would be a lot safer and there's no chance of the staff paying enough attention to stop you.

1 /5 Rating average

Overall the food wasn't too bad not excellent but I've had worse for much more expense. My problem was with the rude and downright arragnont staff member serving a woman by the name of grace not only did I have to wait a near 10...minutes to be served baring in mind there were no other customers waiting . I was greeted with a blunt What from Grace she seemed like she had much better things to do then serve me I then ordered Lasagne which says on the menu serverd with chips and salad not once was I informed that my dinner didn't come with the chips I was offered I was instead told 10 minutes and she walked away when my food finally arived the plate was town down in front of me without a word. Downright disgusting customer service will not be coming back!!!!

1 /5 Rating average

Popped here for a quick lunch yesterday, 2 people serving, ie cooking, taking money and (cleaning tables) Waited ages to be served, didn't have most of the limited menu, staff attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Chips they served, we refused to take and...asked for fresh chips, the place was filthy, no cutlery, asked 3 times, to be told its in the wash. Drinks area was filthy, tables not cleared, environmental health need to pay a visit. Asda need to look long and hard about how they roster their staff, as no wonder they were rude, there were only 2 of them. Most disgusting experience ever.

4 /5 Rating average

this cafe is situated for easy accesss very friendly. You can go with family eat a good choice of healthy food, drink and fruits of good choice. You can take your time and relax after lunch