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46 Southside Street, Plymouth, United Kingdom
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2 /5 Rating average

Apart from the location I would not recommend this place for vegans. it's just a pub with a few very basic vegan options. and it's quite unpleasant with no atmosphere as such. cauliflower wing (unavailable I went) or falafel for beginners and vegan burger and chips for anyway was all I could see on the menu. and the bog standard sorbet as the vegan option for desert. how often did we eat falafel and vegan burger with chips and sorbet? I had enough to keep me a lifetime. the burgers and chips cost me £11 and I felt lousy after eating. I paid £12 for lunch in bonne, that is right across, and you eat was incredible and I felt great after eating. I should have just gone to dinner.

3 /5 Rating average

great location, good grundburger, few vegan options

4 /5 Rating average

looking for somewhere that reasonably priced vegan foods at a cold Wednesday night and the ship came hull! I had the falafel burger with fritten and it was very delicious. the personal was friendly (but not the kind friendly that can be annoying) and attentive. there were a few vegan options and I would like to go back and try another meal.

4 /5 Rating average

great location on barbican. good cake and maic. amazing, have a real vegan option on a pub menu! and two locally produced sorbets for dessert.

5 /5 Rating average

nice place, great food. there in three different occasions and the quality was still there. it is a nice place to go with children because they have fun themathic milkshakes. also queen sponge is really good there.

5 /5 Rating average

friendly staff nice eating. beautiful courtyard seating areacstwthe back

5 /5 Rating average

this morning landing at the flower café before they go home. was not disappointed. the light brunch was really nice and the fresh scorpses were amazing! the personal here is really friendly and responsive

5 /5 Rating average

the best experience. perfect unicorn afternoon tea for the girls birthday