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5 /5 Rating average

five of five, first class, enjoyed by the whole family! I also loved to come here to make ice cream with waffel or pancakes, they always had my favorite sauces/dolls and I hope to come back to the shop very soon!

1 /5 Rating average

this place certainly went downhill, we wish we hadn't bothered. we waited for our delivery almost hours, we called every minute to ask where it was and we said it was on the way every time that was a complete lie! Why not be honest and say we are extremely busy, it will be another mint etc.? when it arrived, the supplier said that he apologized for our waiting period, but it was freezing and our extra sauce was missing, which cost extra. when we complained, they said it wasn't my fault, and if I had a complaint, I should contact the load manager. they didn't even give me the manager name? terrifying service and I'll never be back! P.s never got my refund they promised.

1 /5 Rating average

I went back to the Saltcoats shop when I was hoping for a better service. my younger sisters and their friends were also and they got even worse service. on my sister experience there was a young girl and an older man. the pink. on the floor was marking where to stand. my sister pointed out that she told her friend, who went forward, that she said, "hold them behind the pink band". the man leaned over the counter and said in a deep (put-on) vote “ hold behind the pink band”. that was clearly a sweat for him when he laughed and went away, but I really don't see the funny side, since this was only young girls? as he wore a mask, it would have been difficult to judge whether he joking or not. I think the man needs a customer service training. the girl who works was helpful and friendly to them. when I went in the other night, there were two girls working behind the counter, and a woman in the corner of the room that took the table place. the girls were very nice and very helpful, they could recommend products and were happy and happy. the older woman I am sure is actually the boss! gave to her printer annoyed commentaries and swore several times. she clearly worked on something for the business, but picked up a whole table that could be used for customers. I tried to sit, but I decided to do so because she was touching the woman. young children go to shells as they are the target market, so this should perhaps look into the eye and the brand “happy” should be a priority. I noticed online that the business is open until night. I really don't understand why the people were ordering at this time and how the manager allows young girls to close the load without someone in senior management there? the irvine shop is completely different from the center of the city, but the salt coats are in a side street that could make it dangerous. this business has so much potential, but it seems that the seniors of the employees leave it so much.

1 /5 Rating average

dreadful service had not what I ordered and replacement did not arrive until such a very unfortunate and tired daughter had. the girl on the phone and also supplies ruber very freky about the thing will never use again!!!!(Save Seltcoats)

2 /5 Rating average

Went to the Saltcoats shop and purchased a slice of the Old School Cake. This is my favourite and I would always recommend. However, the cake seemed to have a wet line running through it where the cake was undercooked and the icing popped off...quite easily. The icing popping off showed it had been sitting there for a few days. It wasn’t a major deal as it still tasted nice but it was clear it was of the usual standard. Maybe a different baker or maybe a bad batch? Unsure if I’ll be back as I was really put off

1 /5 Rating average

Extremely bad customer service from an older lady with blonde hair. She gave me extremely bad looks and NO manners. She had to ask me multiple times what I wanted even though it was one item and she struggled to find the ice cream. Prices...are too high for the bad service I received and the amount of food I got. Wont be coming back here, will try the saltcoats shop, hopefully it's better!!!!!

2 /5 Rating average

I have just purchased a order from shells that not only took over and hour and half to actually arrive it also is a minimum of to get delivery! APPALLING!!!! my desserts were cold and my milkshake wasn’t even blended properly , I...asked for cream on the milkshake and didn’t receive any! I phoned to ask how long my order would be and it took four different calls for them to answer which can be understandable expect when waiting over and hour and a half! It’s not the first time that it’s happened, more than times I’ve had to phone and ask after waiting a ridiculous time. Not a happy customer and do not recommend!

1 /5 Rating average

Went in to saltcoats store as was in area, was served by a blonde girl, attitude was terrible, felt as if she could not be bothered to be there, forgot our order ore more than two occasions, making snide comments to her workmates when facing...away, when receiving our snacks my knife was dirty and unable to be used, upon complaining about it I was met with a sigh and forced apology. This was my first time visiting shells and can assure you it will be my last.