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1 /5 Rating average

the burger of the D.B. came impressive, stoch with a steak knife through the heart, as if he had annoyed the chef somehow.

1 /5 Rating average

jamie and I were recently invited to enjoy lunch, drinks and a game bowling at black dog’s new venture, dogbowl. I have always been a fan of black dog’s late at nightburgers deep fried gherkins, so it was very interested to find out if the bowlgasse grub in the middle of the day would be standard. In view of the fact that we were booked on Wednesday for 2 o'clock, the venue was hardly booming and it was lacking in atmosphere, although I can imagine that this is easy after a nightly crash and beer and bowling sunk. After we have read good things about the quesadillas of bacon on the beech, we decided to use the Veggie version with tweepers, kartoffels and paprika, as well as some of their more

1 /5 Rating average

dog bowl is not really a destination for food as say solita, there are better burger somewhere else, and probably better tacos at lllb, but we both had a great time there. (although it's loud when people are bowling!) they have put it right, eating is cheap and they can enjoy a good night, bowling or not. it is bar food really and should be judged as such, I do not believe that they aim at anything else, so that it succeeds in a definite way. it won us anyway.

1 /5 Rating average

we visited the first day of the bank holiday in the mai. when they can remember that far back they will remember that the weather was quite sunny sign dog bowl was empty when we arrived. we ordered cocktails to wake up our appetite and I went for the porn star martini. can you believe that I have never tried one of these babies? it was fabulously fruity and a shot prosecco on the side is awesome. I intend to compare this with other providers in some places soon. charlie went for a roasted pineapple margarita, which, not really tasted roasted, so was a shame.

4.5 /5 Rating average

A rich and zingy, tomato soup with a hint of cumin chilli topped with coriander and avocado. We both felt it was a little under seasoned initially but cleverly, the crispy shredded tortilla strips on the side were highly seasoned and added a necessary saltiness as well as a lovely crunchy texture.

2 /5 Rating average

Dog Bowl is a new project by Black Dog Ball room yeah that is where the 'Dog' connection comes from. It definitely is a good concept and the place has been done up well quirky furniture's and interiors. But I have to say I was not impressed by the space inside, its too small for a bowling alley. I have not tasted the food yet so can't comment on that either but the drinks were reasonably priced and the staff were decent (would not say extremely friendly) they had a bit of an air about themselves!Things to look out for :1. Free wifi2. Funky decor3. Bowling alley (obviously)4. Check out the step sister of the famous Black Dog Ball Room!Verdict : Need to make a proper visit!

3.5 /5 Rating average

Bowling with friends is a lot of fun here. They have JD special shots get a strike and win a free JD with coke. The location is also ideal and it's not at all expensive.

3 /5 Rating average

I have to confess I’m not the biggest fan of ten pin bowling, this is probably because I’m not particularly good at it. So when I was invited to eat bowl at Black Dog Ballroom’s new venture, a bowling alley named ‘Dog Bowl’ I really wasn’t sure. Not only would I be breaking my personal rule of avoiding activities I’m not very good at but my memories of food at bowling alleys is mainly cheap, nasty hot dogs and soggy chips. But as soon as I was told that Dog Bowl are taking food seriously – they claim to cook everything in house using fresh, local ingredients – and have an exciting cocktail menu I was convinced to give them a try.They’re located under one of more