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3 /5 Rating average

the atmosphere was relaxed and the young man in front of the house was very satisfied and informative. we had to wait minutes to be served wein, and one of the waiters did not seem to know what they served us, what the dinge was a little confused, but apart from that the service was friendly and good. the poached Scottish langoustine monkfish, kurly kale pastrami was absolutely amazing and most other food in the night was excellent. the geese was a little hard and the desserts were not on our lust, but that was pure because we do not like Christmas. we were offered an alternative and took it, but it fell a bit short. I want to try the aumbry as soon as it is opened again. I was a little surprised at the price of the wee, which seemed very steep, but I guess that's on the cost of pop-up. the clos of the lys pinot noir was delicious, but in a bottle I would expect it to be. overall a beautiful experience.

4 /5 Rating average

I was really thrilled by the evening I celebrated my sonny birthday we, a group of were all really enthusiastic about the menu of us decided to go with the winetaste with the excellent eating. one of our party demanded gluten-free, which was provided without a doubt the most delicious, most exciting food I have ever eaten! the service was relaxed and informative, unmarried and friendly, we appreciate the information about the wein, and actually learned quite a lot it was an absolute triumph, thank you, we look forward to a return in the early year

5 /5 Rating average

we had an enormous time in the food was sensational as the service and worth every penny. the wine perfectly matched the tasting menu. I wouldn't have thought about this wonderful restaurant.

1 /5 Rating average

we often eat in some, some house was fantastic, so expected similar, all night was a disappointment eating was very bland, no taste, and the price was extreme. I have my service fee, we have paid and have come out, never return.

3 /5 Rating average

This was an interesting meal. It wasn't outstanding, but it was very good. The two great courses were an amazing, tiny, black pudding scotch quail's egg. and a delicious celeriac and chestnut soup. We also had hare, and venison, but neither of these were as exciting as they sound. Sherry trifle to finish didn't have much of a sherry flavour, but we loved it anyway. I think the vegies had a better meal than the meat eaters. Wines were well chosen and both fantastic. Sorry, I don't remember the names, the white was Croatian and the Red Bulgarian. Even though they were expensive I'd buy them again. The location at the back of Teacup is temporary, and it certainly feels more hipster tea shop than fine dining location. It left me wanting to try the real thing when they reopen. Booking was a bit of a pain. I consider food to be a personal experience, especially when it's expensive, but you can't call the restaurant.

2 /5 Rating average

Some interesting dishes on the taster menu but several rather similar in texture and taste, particularly the hare and the venison, although these were both delicious. Dripping and breads very good, as was the celeriac and chestnut soup. Menu needs more contrast in flavour and texture, with fewer creamy dishes. The sherry trifle was very poor with no discernable sherry and bland shaving cream texture type topping. The wine list is also rather overpriced.

5 /5 Rating average

What a great place. Relaxed and unpretentious. Friendly, knowledgable and attentive staff. And then the food...phenomenal. Tasting menu is exactly that...tasty morcel after tasty morcel arrives at a perfect pace. Each one a delight. A heavy nod to the chefs Bury/Lancashire roots which was right up my street! Black peas so close to bonfire night yes please! Wines are all natural and start around the mark. However they offer beer and a few spirits. All in all, a great night out that I could t fault.

5 /5 Rating average

Have eaten at aumbry now half a dozen times as a couple and with teenage kids. I am veggie and always inform them at time of booking . Excellent interesting food . Every mouthful interesting. May be expensive but actually excellent value considering time and effort in preparation. Will keep going and wish them good luck for the future.