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4 /5 Rating average

of restaurants in the region duke of york, polpo is the cheapest price for a lunch snack. since it was drizzling, we sat in the interiors where the service was excellent. tap water immediately and very attentive. also finished tapas dishes were quickly removed from the table. the interior is tiny compared to the large terrace where I can not speak for how service is. we shared half a liter house red for 14.50 it was light, pleasant and summery. eating started coming pretty fast. first came the bruschetta of wide bon, minze and ricotta. ricotta was quite strongly salted and wide bons were double peeled - a beautiful love to detail. a reason why this dish was so delicious was because the brot had been drowned in good olive oil. order this because it is delicious, and not because it is looking for a light, low calorie dish. my companion likes the gnocchi with duck and black olive ruffle. for me, the tomato sauce was something about sweet, which told me more about sicily than venice. but it was delicious with olives and a lot of pulled duck meat. beautiful texture on the gnocchi. I loved the frito misto. very thin tempura as a battery that did not taste fat. prawns were served in the head but peeled. there was also calamari and courgette. I asked for additional lemon wedges that appeared quickly. we're coming back. perhaps not the Chelsea branch where we are randomly rare (we went to an exhibition in the Saatchi gallery), but in any case it will try soho.

4 /5 Rating average

After we arrived at 8.00 o'clock from the chelsea flower show, we decided to eat somewhere. Previously I noticed a polpo in the pedestrian zone of duke of york square, right at King’s road. on a warm late mai evening after a nice time on the flower show, the dinner al fresco seemed a great idea.

4.5 /5 Rating average

excellent lunch in polpo. both eating and service were good. the meatless meatballs, arancini and potato croquettes were amazing! the gnocchi were also delicious. the huhn milanese was my least favorite than not as good as the rest of the good. the ricotta donuts are ok, but not especially. service is friendly and attentive. in any case a place to try. fantastic location on king’s street right next to Saatchi Gallery. are something on the small side and prices in agreement with the area. I loved it!

4 /5 Rating average

I am part of tapas, the restaurants served. they make them taste the quality without drowning them in absolute joy. this place has a great menu with wonderful house wine. the personal was super nice and I ordered extras to keep watching them in action. no complaining, only a full of love and joy! please order the Arancini balls and Bruschetta... wonderful!

4 /5 Rating average

Great place to go for a tapas style meal. Tried the crab and chili linguine and the Chickpea, spinach ricotta 'meat 'ball with spaghetti. The 'meat 'ball was sooo good!

4 /5 Rating average

What: Small plates at Polpo Where: Sloane Square, London,UK Whats the idea?: Order lots of plates to share prefer 2 per person but up to you) and this way you get to try different things without eating too much What was ordered?: frito misto, spinach pizza, onion pizza, arrancini, falafel meatballs. Best dish?: Falafel meatballs rich tomotoey sauce with thick chinky balls that dont wish you had meat great to dunk break in. Worst dish?: Avoid the arrancini, not brilliantly made and a bit bland Inside or Out?: If its sunny definitely out, al fresco style, eady chilled out vibe. Seating is available inside aswell for those slightly colder times. Would you go back?: Yes but make sure the people you go with have the same taste buds Halal: No 3 Word Review: Light, leisurely, delight

3.5 /5 Rating average

I love the Polpo restaurants in Soho and at Ape Bird near Covent Garden so when I strolled by on my way to The Saatchi Gallery one day and saw this latest location, it was like fate had struck. It was a warm enough day to sit outside so I grabbed a table....and then waited for what felt like a decade to order. Service here was not slick and I wasn't the only one desperately trying to flag down my waitress to get water, food and the bill. Luckily, the food was just as fabulous as in their other locations: the broccolini, ricotta, hazelnut chilli bruschetta are delicious (and filling! and I love how fresh and zingy their zucchini, basil and parmesan dish is (shame they also drown it in rocket but the English seem to be obsessed with the stuff . I hope that it was just opening kinks in the service that made it a rough experience. Because the food is fantastic.

5 /5 Rating average

Fabulous spot in the centre of Chelsea and perfect location for shopping and the Saatchi Gallery. Had a great meal and my kids loved the pasta and pizza offering. They are 5 and 7 and soon as we sat down we were offered drawing materials and crayons. Food was great and very reasonable. Beef shin pasta and tiramisu were stand out dishes.