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4 /5 Rating average

we were randomly here because our bus just stopped before the load. great food, good service. the taste is quite authentic. very recompensated.

1 /5 Rating average

absolutely müll place to say the least. the personal was not inviting at all and no service remains at the service comparable to london. a dame allegedly the manager of this restaurant was very cold and abrupt from the time we went to the restaurant..food was nothing too rave about and absolutely under average...no water served on the table...no cute on the table and no one even harassed to pay the attention to the service. that's the first time I asked the congratulations to remove from the bill as I was totally disgusted. I was in several london restaurants, but this was regrettable. would never recommend visiting here again. I...read more

5 /5 Rating average

visit this place for a few years in all my visit to london. After they eat here, they want to take their plans for the most expensive Chinese cuisine restaurants in london, although the staff does not bother to smile back, except they are Chinese by looking through or coming. rest is perfect.

4 /5 Rating average

Chinese food really well cooked and wonderful taste. I had the bark with mushrooms delicious and the homemade limonade was a fresh surprise! overall it is a beautiful place to have a meal and the prices are reasonable and welcoming.

3.5 /5 Rating average

On my visit to Dragon Palace I found the dim sum to be okay but nothing extraordinary. The shanghai dumpling in soup was a little bland for my liking and the stock soup far too hot. Lotus leaf rice was again okay but need more sausage and chicken in the stuffing; this was pretty sparce. Cheung fun was good with a nice, punchy soy sauce covering. Finally the siu mai were good and well filled with prawns. It all came to about £15 a head, which is pretty standard but this was minus an added service charge

1 /5 Rating average

Really bad service, wouldn't return.. I have just dined in your restaurant and I have to say the service was quite poor, nowhere near the standard it should be for a London restaurant. Not once did any of your waiters offer a level of service that I would deem acceptable for a London based restaurant, or any restaurant for that matter, I didn't feel welcome at all Upon being seated I was not approached once to ask if I needed any help or if I was ready to order. When I asked a question about the menu I was given a one word answer from a young lady who scowled and didn't smile at all. There was no attempt to help make my choice, build rapport or make me feel welcome. Although your...read more

4.5 /5 Rating average

Rice is epic!. Probably the best rice ever! During a 9 day stay in London we ate here 3 times. We still talk about the rice from Dragon Palace!

2 /5 Rating average

Poor customer service. Tried to order for delivery everything went fine at first, but we received a call after half an hour saying we were outside their delivery area. That's fair enough, but the fact that they took our order, only to phone back and cancel it after such a long time is just poor customer service. Aside from everything else, it turns out we're only 0.2 miles outside their delivery area, so you'd think that, if they've already taken the order and taken so long to get back to us, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make an exception. Inflexible, and frankly rude.