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Ready to treat your taste buds? Secure a table at Chicken George, found at Holderness Road, Kingston upon Hull, City of, United Kingdom, using our user-friendly reservation page. Discover enticing culinary creations. Dial +441482211811 to reserve a dining experience.

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5 /5 Rating average

Been to Chicken George a couple of times now, have to say that the food was delicious both times. Didn't realise they have more than chicken, e.g. Beef Burgers (never had a beef burger with a hash brown on before The food is served pretty quickly and arrives hot and stays hot while you're eating. Chips for example stay warm long enough to eat them warm. The portions are quite big and I think overall for a meal reasonably priced. The wrap I had today was actually huge and very tasty.

5 /5 Rating average

much more than just fried chicken and wraps. they have many different burger, pizza, desert and children's menu. the staff is very friendly and helpful when they have asked to eat. they also have vegetarian options, such as burger and pizza. eating is delicious and the companies are very reasonable.

5 /5 Rating average

delicious food and never a problem with service. large portion sizes.

5 /5 Rating average

I had been at chicken for a couple of times, must say that eating was delicious both times. they did not know that they had more than huh, for example beef burgers (no one had a barkburger with a hash brown before! . eating is served quite quickly and comes hot and stays hot while they eat. chips for example stay warm enough to eat them warm. the portions are quite large and I think overall for a meal cheap. the package I had today was really huge and very tasty.

5 /5 Rating average

I had a few meals today to test the taste of the available food. it took a while to get the order once. 5-10min. but eating was hot and pretty. would recommend to anyone who is currently local to visit a quick bite.

5 /5 Rating average

Lovely place on Holderness Road. Clean. Tidy. Great staff who cannot do enough for you. I live on Vicky Dock so trust me I can go anywhere for food if I like. And I like this place. Great offers too great takeaway food!!! Hope it reopens after the refurb the manager spoke of.