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61 Railway Road, King's Lynn And West Norfolk, United Kingdom, King's Lynn and West Norfolk
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5 /5 Rating average

we visit this place. all staff members move in the taste of india and steered there tem when we say visit the owner. we have seen ali, and they both cheated. hop they do not visit bombrasserie 61 railway road. now their taste of India....There are now better food and service. Do not forget to try 2/4 blackfaires street kings lynn pe301nn. close to Argos.very nice staff and eat. service and restaurant very clean. 5 food rate.

3 /5 Rating average

here with friends on Sunday evening have used this restaurant in past, but not visited frozen couple years now big sign outside states 3 cursbuffet £11.95 or 4 curs £14.95 at the arrival we were the only people in there who served guy...and declares the sign outside was what the old owners were left and even if they were 4 weeks they were not to take it

1 /5 Rating average

you could never meet so low hygiene standards until a visit to this so-called restaurant. our own debt due to too total ignorance, for not reading reviews before visiting. I really have difficulty describing how bad the experience was. the alarm bells. passing all other Indian restaurants along the railway road that were very busy, and this so-called restaurant had no customers. they are not customers! on a Friday night. the waiter/manager named ali was the epitome of the polite cereal, I have never seen my life in me so disgustingly dread until ali provided the teller for the main course. one of the plates had still a kind of food reduction on it, for which ali decided to spit good manners and then remove with its sleeve. Yes, they have these venerable. he burst on the plate and removed the residue with his sleeve. the digestion containers of salt and pepper resembled something I can only accept, had recently been retrieved by a channel or possibly been stored in the fentilide area called the gents. the so-called gents I could only access and get out by holding a fabric over my hand to open doors as the hygiene was out of the dimension of the frightening. I am now about to inform the environmental health team about this so-called restaurant, as no one should be subjected to such disgusting food hygiene practices.

1 /5 Rating average

we have already ordered here and had a nice meal! one of my favorite cures in kings lynn. So not sure if they are under new management or if they have a new cook. but I will not order again. my curry was verry watery, my rice was so cold! my popadom was soggy and you couldn't break it because you had to tear it because it was so healthy. my partner just ordered chips and even steinkälte. never again

1 /5 Rating average

Organised for a small group from work to go one evening. Worried I could not get through on telephone, I walked over early and saw the opening times stated 5pm. My group arrived at 5:15pm on this evening, and not only was the restaurant closed,...but the lights were all off and we could see no sign at all that told us they would be opening. Arranged to go somewhere else instead and decided we wouldn't try here again.

1 /5 Rating average

Ordered a meal for three, for home delivery. Not very good. Could not tell the difference between two of the three meals. Meals were not particularly enjoyable, seemed to be reheated from yesterday (could of been a lot longer if I was honest). I have...eaten better supermarket micro meals than the ones delivered. The cost was also over the top judged against our experience.

4 /5 Rating average

Short walk from town centre near railway. Not in a very pretty part of town and doesn't look great from the street. Inside is basic but menu has tons of choice. Food was quick, well presented and full of flavour.

1 /5 Rating average

I attempted to eat here a while ago. I should have followed my first instinct on walking in and turned around and walked straight out. We went for an evening meal with friends and on walking in the restaurant is dingy, but the clincher was the fish tank. You couldn't see any fish in there as it was green! If there were any in there I doubt they'd have lasted long. As it was we ordered our starters and to be fair I did enjoy mine. It was quite pleasant. Maybe it was the cloudy glass (assumed it had been through the glass washer too many times) of water but within minutes of half a glass of water and my starter I started feeling very poorly. Managed to get home and was violently ill all night. My husband and friends didn't feel to great but got away with any other effects. I know I'm very fussy when it comes to food but wild horses couldn't drag me in there again.