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5 Northgate Precinct, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, United Kingdom
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Visit our reservation page to book a table at China Garden House, found at 5 Northgate Precinct, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, United Kingdom. Don't miss the chance to savor heavenly culinary creations. A reservation is just a phone call away at +441485532023.

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Monday 05:00 - 22:30

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5 /5 Rating average

excellent meals, good price, even cheaper than our home Chinese for the same amount, with extras! definitely recommend.

5 /5 Rating average

owners always polite, always eat delicious. best to order at the weekend, how busy.

5 /5 Rating average

the food was great! very happy stupid!

5 /5 Rating average

nice eating, best to order her order as it was busy. I would suggest their order by post as detailed on the menu as it will probably take several days to deliver from the post.

5 /5 Rating average

Advise to telephone order , really good food