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2 /5 Rating average

Although all the owners of companies want to offer a good service to attract recurring customers, this coffee shop is not. look at the overview chart below. my main criticism was the terrible noise of the coffee machine(maintained always to do, every time someone ordered a coffee. it. it actually stopped our conversation and my wife had to remove her hearing aid when the noise was practiced! the caffe is quite simple, and yes, I would go back, but do not definitiw inside. I'll wait till the summer when I can sit outside. I think the owners should look very seriously at my comments.

1 /5 Rating average

Unfortunately there was no coffee available so we decided not to stay for food. this was a pre-Christmas lunch for my mother on my rare day, so it was disappointing to find that a place advertised as a coffee house...has no coffee. incapable of checking food. but it also felt quite cool in the inner, so we had to hold up motels, despite the choice of a table next to heat body.

5 /5 Rating average

delicious lunch here with friends, out of doors. Despite personal shortage, has done a good job! parking is available and an interesting location through the hearts house.

1 /5 Rating average

Previously they visited here quite often and enjoyed the coffee and cake, but not for months. I guess it was taken over in the meantime, as the service today was bad, gave our order, paid and. became a numbered spoon, so far so good. then we waited and waited and saw how several people who had come after us served their food and drink before us. Then we waited a few more until I went to ask about our order, it seems that they lost it or forgotten, my question started moving and finally we got our order. was no more difficult, two black americanos and a cheese. the coffee was very mediocre, and the cheese was unusable, since it was only half baked, so was so tender and very unpleasant. and the crowning glory was the toilets, back to the two adjacent cubes, a man and a wee; a communal hand wash area and a towel intended for café gardeners and business park workers. none of them covid safe or even hygienic. I'm sorry mint left, we won't be back.

5 /5 Rating average

A fantastic hidden coffee shop, with great food! We arrived for a coffee and sausage sandwich both were excellent. A wonderful place to stop off if you’re biking(motor) with hard surface parking

5 /5 Rating average

A very safe takeaway and very good food and service. A good place to break these long boring days. Well done the staff

5 /5 Rating average

This was my first trip to Mint Ginger and will definitely be returning. Annelie was on point from the beginning from booking us in by email for lunch. We were welcomed in. We were wearing masks and the staff were wearing shields..The premises were...clean and the table was wiped down as we arrived. The menu was extensive from.paninis to salads jacket potatoes with lots of choice of fillings and choices.of meats vegetarian and vegan. We both chose the vegetarian quiche which had been warmed through which only enhanced what was already a delicious quiche. The service was friendly and cheerful. We also got to buy lots of cards. The choice was amazing. Some great bits in sale around. The cakes on display looked fabulous. The surroundings are beautiful but what makes this a great place are the staff and the food. Of course my pals company wasn't bad either!!!!

2 /5 Rating average

Having visited the cafe whilst going to the pop up shop within the manor. I was disappointed by the service during the time of COVID. First of all the pop up shop Rustic Kitchen amazing, clean and friendly. Mint and Ginger can’t same...the same about you. I went to the table area where no member of staff could be seen, and sat down on some chairs on an empty table. I then order my food at the window latch they have in the courtyard, whilst there I see they have disposable cutlery and sauces which is a great idea, but all this stuff is right below where people would talk to order, so easily spit particles would reach there. I then saw another customer come and put back the disposable he didn’t use, so again something he has touched and placed back for everyone to use. Having ordered a round of coffees and breakfast we sat and waited. Whilst waiting I noticed a lady with a visor cleaning the table and chairs, I looked at our table which had stains and some crumbs. I kindly went up to the lady and asked if she could clean our table. This seemed like a bother. She then said it would have been cleaned, I explained it isn’t due to the stains. She then popped over clearly not happy and told me I should have waited to be seated and then it would have been cleaned and not just sat down. Again how is a customer suppose to know this? When there is no staff member to greet them to tell them. They seem to have a massive a board near the seating area maybe they could put this message here. I really felt upset my experience; I struggle to go to places during this time and when you are made to feel like a nuisance because you’ve asked someone to clean a table it’s even worse. She then reluctantly cleaned the table with annoyance. She then asked me if I had completed my details on track and trace again I said no, no one has asked me. I even placed an order so surely that was a good time to complete the task. She then walks off, and gets a book and a pen and asks me to fill it and walks off. I use the pen which others have used add my details and wait for my order. The book remained on the table outside for everyone and anyone to have access to names and numbers, no protection for personal details. It’s such a shame this coffee shop lacks customer service despite such a lovely location they have. I definitely will not be visiting again and I don’t recommend it if you want to feel safe during COVID and know the staff care about there customers