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Greenhead I-CA8 7JS, United Kingdom
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Make a reservation at Blenkinsopp Castle Inn Bistro, conveniently located at Greenhead I-CA8 7JS, United Kingdom, through our user-friendly page. Treat yourself to delectable flavors and impeccable service. Dial +441697747757 to reserve a dining experience.

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5 /5 Rating average

this place is absolutely beautiful and seems to change every time we decorate wisely. at the arrival we passed the most beautiful lounge/bar to enjoy a coffee or drink, the lighting and the decor is so stylish and cozy. a great part of thinking has gone into every aspekt of the whole place and it shows. there are many drinks in the offer and great beer and local ales a huge selection of gins to go with all the various feverish mixers. the restaurant was full, but it didn't take time to be shown on our table with a high chair already waiting, order our frying dinner (we had pork and bark meat) and they came beautifully presented with a beautiful selection of veg, huge yorkshire puddings and 3 types of carrots. I'd go so far to say the best I've ever had yesterday. nice eating, nice warm atmosphere, pleasant environment, attentive staff. I would highly recommend and cannot wait to go back

5 /5 Rating average

stephen and I have booked a room in the castle on a laune. I'm so glad we made it. we had a nice time. the personal bent backwards, they made us very welcome. we enjoyed a delicious dinner and breakfast cooked by carol. the gas house is only our type of location surrounded by beautiful landscape. the fire roared and the drinks flowed through the jamiroquai look. lizzy was very attentive and gary extremely easy to chat and down on the earth. the room was very cozy and we slept very well. we will certainly return with our dog and go.