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29 Gandy Street, Exeter, United Kingdom
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4 /5 Rating average

we decided to preorder a takeaway and have Bao beans, salat and a Tofu beerbox. good service and you could see that orders are made fresh in the backroom, but it is clear that the dinge are a little busy (a snake outside) that is understandable at the moment. the salad was delicious, very salty and fresh with a watermelon salsa and a good spice from the chiliflakes. the tofu was wonderfully spiced and there was a lot of taste overall. will say that there is more of a light lunch (that is better than a moderately large part safe) but feel good, they have supported.

4 /5 Rating average

beautiful experiences to visit here for eating. the customer service is great and eating is fresh, locally produced, where possible and delicious. recommend the spicy Tofu-Buo!

4 /5 Rating average

the staff are always friendly and welcoming, so everyone like a regular feeling. everyone I absolutely loved took more people there later. it's the only place I'm going to eat now!

4 /5 Rating average

I was with my man for our jubilee. beautiful fresh ingredients, good taste. the best streetfood I've left since vietnam.

4 /5 Rating average

I would give this place 5* if I could (can’t as not fully veggie). So delicious the bao teriyaki tufo bun is amazing and full of flavour, great to have all their salads and toppings vegan so you do not have to worry when you’re there. So delicious my fave place to grab lunch

4 /5 Rating average

Best Bao Bun. 5* This website has an extremely flawed rating system, only *fully* vegan restaurants can receive 5 stars. Red panda offers some meat items, but is run in a much more environmentally-minded manner than any restaurant I've been in and serves incredible vegan food without shouting about it. I really don't think you'll find better food for the price in England. This should be an attraction to anyone passing through Exeter. *This website has an

4 /5 Rating average

I had the bao bun salad with tofu and it was amazing. So full of flavour. Really friendly service too.

5 /5 Rating average

arrest exclusion: two photos are not attached by the same bao! after I have my first gay bauch bao in ca. 5 seconds sworn, I managed to get 10 minutes together with the first. this place is too good to be true. the black bell simply melts in the mouth. highest quality, charming personal, cute packaging and cmon lets everything be honest: who doesn't love a warm steamy soft bungalow? hehe x till soon red panda! x P.S are not disappointed to see a waiting queue almost every time, but trust me that. it is moving fast anyway;